I just had to share that. Today, I was fulfilling my second order for a dual-density Jacob today (give it a look, I love it). I finally got a chance to use the larger toy bags I just bought (I had to order them specifically for Jacob). It’s crispy, it’s shiny, it looks like a gift, pretty as a picture!

Jacob Dildo in new packaging material

While I’m at it, let me just talk about the process of making this toy. A previous customer messaged me one day, saying she’d been looking for any dildos with piercings and a body-modding theme in general. She couldn’t find anything like that, so we got to work. She described what she wanted (Jacob’s ladder piercing, and the toy had to be big and hard, much like one she already had and liked a lot).

I opened up my 3D software and started making the toy of her dreams, while screen-sharing. That way, she could watch and provide feedback at every moment. It was a joy to see her enthusiasm, and she loved it when I finally finished the real thing!

The same thing happened, roughly, for Remus. Someone asked me if I’d ever made a werewolf-themed dildo; we worked out the details, after which I made it happen. That one has been my best-seller ever since, though Jacob seems like it’ll knock Remus right off its throne!

Either way, working with (potential) customers is great. I invite you to get in touch and tell me all about your ideal toy. It costs the same as a normal toy, if it sounds like it’s a good addition to our line-up. Otherwise, we can still make it as a one-off, just for you.

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