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Our Fabulous Remus Dildo!

Remus is a werewolf-style dildo, 19 cm tall and 5.8 cm wide at the knot. That's 7.5" and 2.3" for you Americans! You can slide down 17 cm of it, until hitting the flared base that ensures it won't slip into some deep and dark place a little bit too permanently. 11 of those cm are above the knot, in case you're feeling a little less daring at first.

Remus is available in medium-firm and firm silicone, in any colour you desire.

A knotty treat!

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Great service:

We are happy to take custom orders, and do our best to make your dreams come true! Our previous customers love how we manage to be both easy to talk to, yet professional, and the one that requested our Jacob design was ecstatic with the outcome!

We use only platinum-cured silicone for our soft toys, because this is the only body-safe material that’s soft and flexible. Other materials are hard, porous and/or leech unsafe chemicals (“sweating”).

See Why Our Toys Are Safer for more information!

In case of defects, we contact the buyer and let them decide: we usually offer a discount for the defective item, or the choice to get another made or cancel the order.

We’re based in the Netherlands, and create our products with the care and attention that you deserve.

This also means that, if you’re European, your order will get to you super quick!

Good quality and customer service, not my mention fast shipment! (I was very impressed with how fast the seller shipped the toy out considering that he makes each one after you order.) I also love the color (I got grey) and the firmness/feel. 10/10 would buy from this seller again.
Etsy Review
One of the greatest purchases I have ever made. There is little supply for people with kinks towards this end of the road and I am very happy that my demand has been met her greatly. Even before my Remus was even created they contacted me in what kind of pattern I would like the colours to be in. Further on they have provided me with progress updates informing me whether it had already been produced or shipped and stayed very friendly all the way making this purchase a wonderful experience. Once the product arrived I was amazed as it came in a welded plastic bag, not something that everyone does. It was nice, cleaned up and therefore ready to go and even came with instructions on how to care for it. The service, quick shipping time and quality of the product have convinced me and I would gladly recommend it to a friend!
Etsy Review
Absolutely amazing product, such a wonderful addition to any collection of handmade adult objects. The quality of materials and excellent customer service along with the speed of arrival and obvious care and thought that went into both the creation of gorgeous item and its packaging to ensure a safe arrival makes this shop and its procurer one of the best! Such a friendly and amazing experience interacting with Dauntless Rooster, discussing every aspect of Jacob's conception and being involved in the process of creation was really exciting and unique. I Will definitely be purchasing more items in the future. Thank you so very much!
Etsy Review
Received dildo from shop after contacting about silicone firmness. The color wasn't what I ordered, but Dekker sent a message offering other options if I wasn't satisfied. I ended up taking it, and overall a pleasurable experience. I enjoyed the design, and would buy again if softer silicone options were available.

(Our note: this was in a harder silicone we don't even offer right now)
Etsy Review
It's really firm, which is perfect. I loved creating this with the seller. It was a great experience and I am very happy with how the toy came out. The different textures are really pleasing as well.

(Our note: This is about a dual-density product which is currently only available in single-density while we improve our process)
Etsy Review
Had to wait for the lady i purchased the item for to send me her feedback, sorry for the late review! I had a great experience with talking about the product with dekker, he answered all my questions and provided excellent progress reports. When i saw the item before handing it over to my lady friend i thought it looked fantastic! It is light, smooth and the vibrator is very cleverly done. Quality and customer service alone earns 5 stars. But onto what the user thought! "It is sleek and easy to use, though the shaft is too long for me to use the knot which is a pity. The vibrator is very powerful so i would recommend it over using an insertable bullet for it, but the battery cover comes off quite easily so i would suggest wrapping some tape arouns it once batteries are inserted. All in all i like the dildo!"
Etsy Review