Taking care of your sex toys

You can clean your toy with any standard toy cleaner, simple soap and water, or 5-10 minutes in boiling water. You can also use a dishwasher, without dish soap. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly after using any soap or other cleaning agents.

Cuts or abrasions in the surface can make the toy unsafe because germs can hide in them. If your toy has any cuts, you could gently pry it open while cleaning. Be careful: being too forceful can cause further damage. Consider using boiling water instead, which gets into every gap. Softer material are easier to tear open like this, so please be more careful with them!

Please store your toy separately from other toys. Other toys made of cheap materials can leave a sticky residue on them. We will include a draw-string pouch with your purchase, if available in the size of the toy you bought, to help keep it safe. You can also wrap it in clean, dry towels instead.

Some people think that toys made of silicone can melt together if they’re stored touching each other. This fear was probably caused by experiences with “silicone” toys that wasn’t 100% platinum-cured silicone. Tin-cured silicone is a thing, but isn’t body-safe and degrades within a year or so, and many toys are made of other materials entirely! Still, we can’t recommend storing toys of any kind together for the risk that one of them isn’t quite legit.

An interesting link to check out on this matter is this experiment where Dangerous Lily sealed a number of toys of various materials in jars for months.